Gutenberg revisited

à partir de juillet 2018

Taking part of the celebratory anniversary of Gutenberg’s death, the Kulturhuef presents an exhibition that will provide thought-provoking impulses on the societal change provoked by movable letters. It will give our visitor an indication of the effect the introduction of movable types had on the society at the time. This change was very similar to the one we experienced not too long ago with the advent on the internet age. After all, as the introduction of the printing press symbolizes the beginning of modernity, so the internet rang in our current information age.

It is with good reason that Johannes Gutenberg is sometimes called the Steve Jobs of his time. Interpersonal communication was transformed for good and forever. When Gutenberg invented movable types, an entire society, which before was barred from accessible information, could take part in an information flow hitherto unthinkable. Books, previously marketed as luxury items, became an accessible source of knowledge for all. After all, due to Gutenberg’s invention many more books could be printed in much less time. Gutenberg’s invention is often credited with inspiring people to learn how to read and write. One could go as far as to say that the printing medium liberated people from the omnipotence of hearsay. Because the number of books augmented rapidly, people could get to know the world through them.

This experiential parallel represents one of the main Leitfaden through the overall exhibition. We aim to render the long and fascinating history of the printing medium not only understandable but imaginable through personal experience. The link to our own 21st century experience will allow for an interpersonal understanding that transcends the centuries. We will parallel the situated lifeworld of our visitors and link them to a people of the past living through the rapid reproduction of print materials. Our exhibition provides not only an extensive informative context, it offers the visitor a chance to physically engage the machines. Two hand presses will be available for visitor use. Each machine is targeted to a specific age-group from the very young to adults. Each visitor can print and take home his/her very own souvenir.

Our exhibition does not only provide fascinating information about the printing techniques and machines, it tells more about the worries, wishes, jobs, people – in short – about the life behind the machines. We do not merely hand out information, we tell stories. Our new timeline provides a comprehensive visual and textual guide through the complex history of the printing medium. The visitor will leave the exhibition with a comprehensive historical overview and a unique sensory experience. As such, the main motive underlying the restructuration of our exhibition lies in the communicating of history as a living continuum.

à partir de juillet 2018
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Blatt „Genesis“ aus der Gutenberg Bibel, Faksimile.
Historia S. Huberti, Luxemburg, 1621.
La Clef du Cabinet des Princes de l’Europe, 1724.